F45fd modes and scenes in low light
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mode: Manual - flash: Suppressed - ISO: AUTO (800)
Metering: Multi-Segment
ISO: 800 - Shutter: 1/4 - Aperture: F4.1
S u m m a r y

mode: Auto - flash: Auto
    Full flash gave 1/90 shutter speed, a flash speed ignoring ambient illumination.

mode: Auto - flash: Suppressed
    Auto with no flash went straight to near max ISO and min handhold shutter speed.

mode: Natural Light
    N setting nearly identical to Auto.

scene: Night - flash: Slow Synchro
    One of the few modes available for slow synchro flash. ISO 200 is curious, don't know if that is set by  the Night scene or the slow synchro.

scene: Fireworks
    Shutter speed of 2 seconds is the Fireworks default. F/8 aperture may also be a default? Could the Fireworks even be ignoring metering completely?

scene: Sunset
    Similar to Auto without flash and Natural, but with ISO one stop lower. Also increased saturation for reds.

scene: Museum
    Also similar to Auto without flash and Natural.

mode: Manual - flash: Auto - ISO: AUTO (800)
    Similar to Auto with auto flash, in that ambient illumination was ignored. Curious that the ISO was not  set lower

mode: Manual - flash: Suppressed - ISO: AUTO (800)
    Would have been similar to Auto without flash and Manual, except ISO was held down to 800 by my setting the manual flash control (AUTO (1600) is also available).

In conclusion - Disappointing that Auto flash seems to result in either full flash of flash off. Ignoring opportunities for a Slow Synchro fill setting. To get the Slow Synchro you have to go to Manual mode (or Portrait) and set Slow Synchro yourself. It also would have been nice if any of the Auto flash setups would have dropped the ISO down from whatever the ceiling for ISO happened to be. In my view the most useful setup for low light is to go to Manual mode. Then set the flash type and AUTO (###) ISO wherever I think they should be. But for low light without any flash, then the Natural mode does get the job done.

Kelly Cook

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